Air Purification for the Home and Workplace

January 6, 2021
Air Purification for the Home and Workplace

Air purification is becoming increasingly important, not only in homes, but also in offices, warehouses, pharmacies, grocery stores, hospitals, and many other commercial entities. With COVID-19, the flu, the common cold, and many other illnesses, people need to be stringent when cleaning surfaces and the air they breathe. Protecting your family, coworkers, and customers is a vital step for staying in business and maintaining a safe environment.

American Service Company RVA is proud to announce we have a better, more efficient solution for air purification. NuCalgon’s iWave equipment is a new device for cleansing the air. It is extremely useful for homeowners as an aftermarket item that requires no maintenance, cleans itself, and contains no harmful chemicals or byproducts.

What is the iWave device

This technology is a safe and efficient product that will eliminate dust, smoke, pet dander, and germs. The iWave air purifier uses ionization to create negative and positive ions. It emits these ions into the air where they attach to smoke particles and bacteria and break them into harmless byproducts like oxygen and nitrogen. This device renders pathogens and germs from common illnesses like colds, flu, stomach bugs, and COVID-19 inactive.

Cleaning the air two ways

By combining the iWave purification system and quality HVAC filters, this system goes after airborne debris and germs. This is the active part of the air cleaning. The atmosphere remains clean by using specialized filters to catch anything that may still be in the air. They capture the harmless particles leftover after the iWave unit removes hydrogen compounds from germs and bacteria. Most air purification systems only create negative ions, causing the walls in the building to take on a black or dark appearance. This system will not leave this effect because it emits both positive and negative ions.

Benefits of air purifying

Cleaning the air at home and work is a necessity with contagious particles that can last in the air for long periods. Besides keeping the inside of homes and businesses less dusty, these systems improve the quality of the air you, your family, suppliers, workers, and customers breathe. Preventing the spread of illness is critical to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria like the germs that cause COVID-19, pneumonia, cancer, and chronic health conditions.

The National Institute of Health recommends everyone use air purifiers to prevent air pollution from affecting indoor breathing and quality of the air. Nearly four million people die early because of problems relating to air pollution inside the home. The iWave purifier reduces pollutants from internal and external sources.

Why the iWave purifier is vital to protect every home and business

This new technology offers property owners a plethora of benefits. A trained HVAC specialist can easily install this unit in existing home heating and cooling systems. Another perk of using this purifier is knowing there is no need to clean the purifier. This model does the cleaning on a regular schedule. You can program it to clean itself once every day, three days, five days, or go on a ten-day schedule.

This unit does not use any chemicals or emit anything into the environment that can harm the ozone. If you already use an air purifier, then you know they typically require routine maintenance, replacement parts, and service. The iWave system is maintenance-free. There are no parts to buy because this unit has no consumable items.

Indoor air pollution comes from many sources

People often do not realize that everyday items in the home and office cause pollution. Printers are becoming more common at home since many people are teaching kids and staying socially distant to work. These items emit pollutants in the air every time you use them. Making copies, using computers, and spending more time indoors increases dust particles, dirt, ink, smoke, and other pollutants in the home or office.

When people go in and out, they often bring in small dirt particles, mud, mold spores, fungi, and germs. Visitors can bring in debris from pets, illnesses they come in contact with, and pollen. Cleaning the air is the best way to remove these dangerous items and prevent them from causing health issues or illnesses.

American Service Company RVA wants to help families and business owners provide a safe and clean environment for everyone. Our technicians can easily mount the iWave unit on the inside or outside of your existing HVAC unit. We can even attach it magnetically. All you have to do is set up the cleaning schedule, and the system does the rest automatically. There are no more requirements for using this purifier.

Let us help you protect your home and business from potentially contracting COVID-19, the flu, or a long-term health condition from exposure to poor air quality. Since 1946, our company is a trusted provider of affordable, reliable HVAC systems and equipment. You can trust our technicians to help you improve indoor air quality at home and work. Inquire about the iWave purifier at 800-696-5953.