HVAC Technician: A Career in Demand

June 28, 2021
HVAC Technician Career

HVAC technicians have a great career for many different reasons. The role of an HVAC technician has them doing things like putting in new heating and air conditioning systems and repairing those systems when something goes wrong. HVAC technicians are essential when it comes to keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Problem Solving

HVAC technicians have to do a lot of problem solving. Each day they will face new issues and challenges, even with equipment that they are familiar with. For example, if someone has a heat pump that has broken down and the culprit is not the usual things, the HVAC technician will have to work hard to figure out what exactly is going wrong with the unit. Having to work out what is wrong with the unit helps to engage the brain and to keep the HVAC technician active.

Active Work

When someone works at an office or another kind of job that keeps them sitting, it is not good for their overall health. Being an HVAC technician is known as one of the most active careers that you can have in the United States. An HVAC technician is constantly spending time outdoors, moving, and walking. This helps them to have a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Helping Those In Need

When it comes to a heating unit or an air conditioning unit being down, people will be miserable. They will either be very hot or very cold, depending on what season it is. The HVAC technician that comes out gets to be a personal hero to those in need. This helps the HVAC technician to feel good in his or her job. When a person feels good at their job, and they are helping others, this gives them a great outlook on life.

Another way an HVAC technician helps people is by making sure the air they breathe is safe. For example, technicians install air purification systems in hospitals, doctor offices, homes, and businesses. These air purification systems help to ensure that no bacteria or viruses circulate around the building. They can even help to put in UV systems that work to kill bacteria and viruses on contact. HVAC technicians also ensure the air quality is good by promoting the use of proper air filter systems. When a person uses and cleans the air filter on their HVAC system, it helps to filter out allergens. For those that have asthma and other health ailments, this is a necessity.

On The Road

When it comes to having a career, many people are stuck in an office with the same people day after day. This can lead to boredom at work. When a person is bored at work, this can hinder productivity and also make them hate their job. An HVAC technician never has to worry about getting bored. Since they go to people’s houses, they always have a new location to go to. They also get to meet a wide variety of different people.

Great Pay

The demand for HVAC technicians is great, and so is the pay. It is not uncommon to see HVAC techs that make over twenty dollars per hour. In many cases, they will make more depending on their experience. Even just starting out, HVAC techs in training will make over ten dollars an hour in most locations throughout the United States. This pay will increase the more experienced a person gets. Many HVAC companies offer sign-on bonuses and other benefits when hiring on.

Job Security

People are always going to heat and cool their homes, and there will be people that suffer breakdowns and need repair and people building new homes that will need a new heating and cooling systems installed. There will never be a shortage of jobs in the HVAC technician world.

Unfortunately, there is a large shortage of tradesmen all across the United States right now. There is a high demand for HVAC technicians in various parts of the country. Many HVAC companies are now offering extensive incentives to become a part of their team.

Another issue that people worry about when it comes to having a career is losing that job to outsourcing or automation. Due to the nature of this kind of work, an HVAC technician will never have to worry about automation or outsourcing taking their job.

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