Is my water supposed to be that color? Plumbing issues that can mean bigger problems – Part 2

July 7, 2021
Plumbing Issues - Miscolored water

If you turn on your faucet and the water is coming out in a color other than clear, this can be an issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. The issue may be simple to fix or not but finding out the root cause of your discolored water is imperative.

Reddish Water

If you have reddish water, this can be because of minerals and rust in the pipes. If you have an older home, the plumbing is made from galvanized steel or iron. They do come with a protective layer of zinc, but over time this comes off. When this protective layer comes off, the pipes will start to rust. When the rust dissolves in the water flowing through your system, you will see water that is brown or yellowish red. This water will taste poorly and affect the color of food that is prepared with it. This water can also stain your furniture and stain your clothes. If the reddish or brown water is happening at your home, you will need to call a plumber. They will need to replace your pipes with new ones that are created with non-rusting metal.

Green Water

If you turn on the faucet and your water is green, it is due to a buildup of algae in your plumbing system. Algae occurs naturally, and these microbes can appear when there is a blockage of your filter, or it can occur in another part of your system. A plumber can come out and clean your system of algae quickly.

If you have green water and have copper pipes, copper pipes will leave a greenish color in the water as they wear. You may notice that you have stains on your tub and in your sinks when the residue of the copper pipes is left behind. If you see any sign of green water or residue and you have copper pipes, you will want to call out a plumber quickly. Copper can be harmful to humans in large quantities. It can affect the liver and kidneys when consumed for some time. Calling a plumber out will help you to get new pipes and not have to deal with any health risks.

Yellow Water

If you have yellow water coming out of your faucet or bathtubs, this may be a problem at your town’s water distribution center. They may be repairing the system, or a fire hydrant may be out of order or may even be in use. In some cases, your water distribution center may be doing a flushing. When they do this, they increase the water pressure, and that helps to get rid of any fragments and loose rust in the system. If you see yellow water, you will first want to check with your water distribution center to see if there are any issues that you need to know about.

Black Water

If you are dealing with black water coming out of your sinks, the chances are that there may be mildew and mold growth somewhere in your lines. You will want to call out a plumber immediately as your water will not be safe to use.

Blue Water

If you have blue water and use a blue disinfectant to clean your toilet tank, this could be a sign that it is leaking into your water supply. Any time you see blue water, this is a plumbing emergency. You will not want to use or consume this water.

Pink or Purple Water

If you see pink water, this is from potassium permanganate, which is used to oxidize manganese and iron. As long as it is pink, it is ok and not a danger to your health. However, if it is purple, this is a danger, and you should call a plumber out immediately.

Dirty Water

If you see dirt or sediment in your water, this can be from your water system having been worked on recently. If you have had any renovations done, this may be the cause. You will need to get this resolved as soon as possible. Call the construction company you are using or your landlord if you see dirt and debris in your water.

If you have not had any renovations done to your home and you see dirt and sediment in the water, it could be an issue with your water source. This is especially true if you are on spring fed water. If you have this issue, it is a good idea to call your plumber out to take a look at what is going on.

Having discolored water is a health concern. If you cannot figure out why your water is colored, or you have a color issue that may be an emergency concern, you will want to contact a plumber. As soon as you see the discoloration, do not bathe, use, or drink the water.

If you are having issues with the color of your water, please call American Service Company today. They are family-owned and operated and will work hard to determine why you have discolored water. As soon as they find out the cause of your water issues, they will work on repairing your water. They will have you clear, safe water in no time.