Picking out Plumbing Materials for your Bathroom Renovation

January 27, 2021
Plumbing Materials for your Bathroom Renovation

Many little fittings, pipes, vents, and drains come together to make up your bathroom plumbing system. When you are redoing this room, there are many things a homeowner must consider. Code requires older fittings and vents to conform to newer standards. Low-flow toilets and faucets require different setups than older models. We will talk about the necessary components and the reasons homeowners need these materials for a bathroom renovation. As always, we suggest talking to a certified plumbing specialist before starting your project.

Choosing plumbing materials in your bathroom renovation project

Our best recommendation is to go for long-term results when performing a bathroom renovation. You do not want to upgrade the room using subpar materials that will ruin your work in a few short years. Budget permitting we recommend long-term, quality materials for all home renovations depending on your needs.

PEX versus copper pipes

When you have a new plumbing line installed, your plumber usually uses either copper or PEX pipes. Copper is an expensive material that can significantly increase your installation costs. PEX is a flexible plastic pipe, which is much less expensive to purchase. Another benefit of going with PEX is these costs remain stable while copper fluctuates. PEX also uses watertight fittings to create seals, and no soldering or chemical sealing is necessary to prevent leaks.

Items you will need for your remodeling project

It will take several pieces of pipe and connections for running the lines to the various water outlets and drains to your toilets, sinks, and faucets. You may consider purchasing a new bidet, shower, bathtub, or other fixture in your space. Your home will need a stack line that controls the way the plumbing vents. Most low-flow toilets use this to vent air ahead of the flush, creating a vacuum to pull waste through with less water, saving you money and helping the environment.

Some of the other items you may need will include flanges, t-connectors, elbows, y-pipes, p-traps, adaptors, and bushings. If you want a spot for cleaning out the drain, then we can install a cleanout section to give you access under the p trap. Whether you are remodeling or moving items, each item must use plumbing according to code. For example, sinks must have eight inches of space between the hot and cold lines. It is easiest to place each line four inches to the side of the drain.

What it takes to move a bathroom fixture

When you are relocating a toilet, you need a new water line and a new waste line. These are two separate lines with different sizes and installation types per toilet you want to move. Changing the layout of or relocating a shower requires moving three lines. The hot and cold water and drain lines all need a new connection. When moving or adding a sink, there are also three lines you must install. These are the hot and cold water and drain lines. Each of these lines will need specific fittings, flanges, vents, and securing straps.

Why code dictates how and why you must vent your plumbing

There are several ways to vent plumbing, however, the best way is to vent each fixture. You do not want sewer gas leaking inside the home. Besides the awful stench, these fumes are toxic and must go outside of the home. Using the right size of bushings and vents is part of the process. Hooking up the vents in the right locations and making sure these systems are to code to keep fumes out of homes and the occupants safe is imperative.

Vent outlets must be larger in homes that experience winter temperatures

When you live in a climate where you experience temperatures that drop below freezing, the vents must be larger going to the outside. The size change makes it less likely these vents will freeze shut, causing plumbing issues. Remember, even horizontal vents must get proper venting. Sloping these pipes will help reduce the condensation that builds up in the material with temperature changes inside and outside the home.

Choosing a trusted plumber can save you hassle, time, and research

When you are unsure of the local housing codes for plumbing, a knowledgeable plumbing specialist can fill you right in on the important details. Our team has decades of experience working in cold weather conditions and updating plumbing to Virginia code. We are happy to assist customers with any questions about remodeling a bathroom, what products are the most effective, how they can move a fixture, where to put a vent, and any other issues concerning bathroom remodeling. Our family business strives to provide our customers with the best results for an affordable remodel with quality work and service.

Do you want to design the bathroom of your dreams, or maybe move the shower? We are ready to answer any questions at American Service Company RVA. You can contact us at 804-739-4094. We are always available 24 hours a day if you have a plumbing or HVAC emergency.