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If you’re located in the Glen Allen, Virginia area and are in need of maintenance or service for your HVAC system, natural gas system (or propane) or plumbing, our staff here at American Service Company is ready to assist. Our family owned and operated business cares a great deal about the excellent customer service that we provide to our clients. When you need an annual maintenance appointment or you are in need of fast emergency repairs, we hope that you’ll call on us. We’ll get you the expert help that you need as quickly as we can.

The American Service Company staff consists of knowledgeable professionals that have been working in this field for a very long time. We understand that you’re bringing us into your home for repairs or maintenance. We will take care of your service needs as if your residence is our own. The goal is to protect the investment that you’ve made so you’re living in a comfortable and healthy environment for years to come.

Indoor air quality is extremely important, and we can help you improve the condition of the air that you’re breathing each day. Routine maintenance includes changing out the filter in your HVAC system and having ductwork routinely cleaned. Checking interior components is also important. We can also help you assess your indoor air quality to reduce the instances of dander, dirt, dust and mold spores that are present. Give us a call today and we’ll set up a day and time for someone from our team to come out to your location in the Glen Allen area.

HVAC Heating & Cooling | Service and Installation | Glen Allen, Virginia

At the center of your home, you have an HVAC heating and cooling system that provides you and your family with conditioned and clean air throughout the year. Whether you need to keep your Glen Allen home warm on a chilly morning or air conditioning is necessary for a hot day, it’s important that you have a properly working HVAC system to rely on. In addition to warming or cooling your indoor air, you also need to rely on your HVAC system to keep your indoor air clean. This includes the removal of harmful particulates in the air that can lead to an increase in illness, allergies or asthma attacks.

HVAC Repair and Service in Glen Allen
We offer repair service and installation for your HVAC system, including repair of your air conditioning system. Our extensive experience makes it easy for you to have a problem diagnosed and taken care of in a timely manner. If you ignore HVAC repair needs, this can lead to more involved issues that can take more time and money to address. You can also experience an increase in utility costs if your unit isn’t working efficiently. Routine maintenance can address minor issues before they become bigger problems that leave you uncomfortable and without conditioned air.

We can also take care of new installation services that are needed in your home. Whether you’re looking to replace the unit that you already have installed, you have a new-build that is need of equipment or you want to upgrade your HVAC setup to include an air conditioning unit or other upgraded items, we can assist.

Plumbing Service and Installation | Glen Allen, Virginia

Plumbing is closely related to your HVAC system, and we offer a variety of plumbing repairs and services to our clients in the Glen Allen area. If you have any leaks or plumbing damage, this can lead to potential mold growth and damage to your HVAC system, so it’s important that you schedule service with us if you suspect there is an issue present.

Full Range of Plumbing Service
Our plumbing services include a number of different tasks. While we can take care of routine maintenance and inspections, we also work on installation of toilets, hot water tanks and other plumbing fixtures. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary for laying new pipes in your home. Let us know if you’re having issues with drips, leaks, blockages in your pipes or faulty seals. We’ll make sure everything is addressed promptly, and we’ll ensure that no damage has been done to other areas of your Glen Allen home that could lead to issues with your HVAC system or indoor air quality.

Natural Gas and Propane Service and Installation | Glen Allen, Virginia

The majority of the homes located in Glen Allen are heated using natural gas and propane. These are also energy sources that can be used for things like hot water heaters and stovetops. While these are safe methods of power, it’s important that you have a professional working on your home. Our staff can inspect, service, install and provide routine maintenance for your gas furnace and heating units. Looking for a conversion from a wood-burning fireplace to a cleaner gas unit? We’re here to help with more than 50 years of professional experience.

If you’re concerned with routine maintenance costs, we offer maintenance plans that provide you with regular service at an affordable price point. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable and safe all year long. We can also provide you with service for your oil heating system. At this time, we do not offer oil maintenance plans.

Air Purification Air Purification System Installation | Glen Allen, Virginia

Indoor air quality concerns are something that we see a lot of. Having airborne contaminants making their way into your indoor air can be unhealthy and dangerous. This can be caused by damaged ductwork, a dirty HVAC system, poor venting and much more. We can also talk to you about the installation of an air purification system onto your furnace. We use NuCalgon’s iWave products for optimal safety and performance. This unit will reduce additional particulates and remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the air that you’re breathing.

We also recommend changing your filters periodically. We can recommend a type of filter that will reduce the most particulates possible without stressing your furnace. A dirty filter can be unhealthy, but it can also be dangerous for the inner components of your HVAC system.

HVAC and Plumbing Emergency Service | Glen Allen, Virginia

Emergencies happen, and unfortunately you can’t plan ahead for them. We’re here to help you even at the most inconvenient times. Whether your furnace isn’t blowing out cold air on the hottest day of summer in Glen Allen or you’re not able to keep your home warm on a chilly winter night, we can provide you with fast emergency services. If you have a broken pipe of your toilet is clogged, this can quickly lead to further damage in your home. It’s important that you call in the professionals right away before this damage occurs.

In regard to gas leaks, this is an emergency that requires immediate response from a professional. We don’t want you and your family to be in danger. Reach out to us through our emergency numbers, and we’ll put you in touch with a technician that can help you right away. You’ll always talk to someone from our team in real time. We don’t ask that you leave us a message and await a call back.

Emergency hours start at 3 P.M. Monday through Friday and occurs all day Saturday, Sunday and on holidays. Our emergency calls cost $99 if you have a service plan with us, and $139 for those that do not.

HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance Plans | Glen Allen, Virginia

A maintenance plan is a smart investment if you want to secure maintenance and service for your home without having to worry about astronomical costs. We offer a variety of maintenance packages that allow you to tailor your maintenance according to your needs.

We structure our service plans in bronze, silver and gold tiers. Our bronze coverage is the most affordable, with the gold tier being the most expensive. Each tier offers different maintenance and service coverage, including things like two annual routine inspections, priority service and a discount on repairs. These packages apply to heating, cooling and plumbing needs.

Glen Allen, Virginia

Glen Allen, Virginia is an area just north of Richmond that has a population of just under 15,000 people, and the area is also referred to as Mountain Road Crossing. It was a popular area in the early 1800s thanks to rail service that passed through the area. It was built up further in regard to residences and businesses thanks to Captain John Cussons, an Englishman who came to the area post-Civil War. Cussons opened a printing company in Glen Allen as well as the Forest Lodge Hotel. It was located right along the railroad line, making it a popular location for people passing through.

Glen Allen, Virginia is well known for its historical landmarks which you can still visit today. The Meadow Farm Museum, Pocahontas State Park and The Richmond National Battlefield Park are just a few places to check out. You can also do some shopping at the very popular Virginia Center Commons Mall Shopping Center or play a round of golf at the Laurel Gold Golf Course.

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