The Top Spots in your home where plumbing issues arise

February 4, 2021
Top Spots for Plumbing Issues in the Home

When you own a home, the little things are often the ones you put off or forget. Plumbing can slip the mind when you have work, kids, parents, school, or other activities demanding your time. Here is a comprehensive look at the most important things to keep on your to-do list and the best ways to fix these issues.

Clogged drains and toilets

Getting a sudden clog in the plumbing system can make it difficult to do dishes, use the restroom, take a shower, and more. In sinks or appliances, a small item, dirt, or other debris is often the culprit. Food debris often clogs up sink drains because it collects other debris. The clog will move back and forth in the pipe or stop the water from draining completely. Clearing this mess may take a little drain cleaner or a residential snake.

A clog in the toilet is usually a quick fix with a plunger. Snaking this plumbing is not easy because of the necessary bends and turns in the pipes for venting and draining. If you cannot get the clog out with the plunger, then it is better not to damage anything trying to fix the problem.

Slow drains

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Tree roots

These things are the most common causes of leaky drains. A strainer in each drain can reduce how much hair gets in the system. To prevent grease buildup, wiping out everything oily with paper towel before washing it can reduce how much oily residue gets in the plumbing. To get out the initial clog, some hot water, drain cleaner, or a snake may be helpful.

Supply line leaks

Water pressure can loosen fittings over time. Sometimes, gaskets fail or get brittle. Checking the connections under the sink, shower, tub, water heating, and other appliances once a month will help you find any problems with leaks. It is important to check all the lines coming into the water heater and going out. You will want to look for dark patches, wetness, and erosion or rust.

Washing machine

Washers have overflow tubes that can get clogs in them from lint and dust. Too much laundry soap is a common cause of this problem. Sometimes, homeowners add too many cleaners to the wash, trying to get rid of a stain and causing a problem.

If the washer is not staying level when it is working, then it can leak. Checking the balance of the load and using soap according to the manufacturer’s instructions can prevent these problems from arising. Cleaning out the overflow tube may fix the issue when it occurs.


Cracks in the toilet, condensation, and worn seals are the most common causes of leaky toilets. Fixing these issues may range from better venting to replacing the unit. If you are unsure of the cause of the leak, then American Service Company RVA can diagnose the issue.


Several things can cause a dishwasher to leak. The door gasket could have damage. The drain hose could have a clog or leak. There are valves, arms, and switches that may need replacing.

Leaky faucets and pipes

Too much water pressure, broken seals and valves, corrosion, and loose fittings are the most likely causes of leaking pipes. Check the wettest areas to see where the water is coming out. Then, determine if there is visible damage. Otherwise, you may need a professional plumbing inspection to find the problem.

Water heater issues

Loose connections can happen over time, with corrosion, and because of high water pressure. The water pressure and temperature valve will release water with too much pressure, so make sure to check that the water is not coming from this piece. If the tank is leaking, then you will need a new water heater in most cases.

Low water pressure

Pipe clogs and old plumbing are usually the problems here. Sometimes, a water heater flushing can help. We can offer a full inspection and affordable replacement options if you need them.

Running toilet

  • Old handle
  • Corrosion on the flapper chain or a broken seal
  • Valve may be old
  • Replace internal parts for a quick fix

Why you want to schedule annual plumbing inspections and tune-ups

The biggest reason for plumbing maintenance is to prevent any issues, so you can catch them early. Addressing them sooner means you will save money on emergency repairs down the line. Our team of specialists can determine if you need replacement parts, how long your system will last, and the best way to keep clogs away.

Let American Service Company RVA take care of any leaks, drips, or suspect plumbing. We will happily inspect moist walls or find the source of your clog. Our specialists have been serving the Woodlake, Chesterfield, Genito, and Richmond areas for nearly 30 years. Reach us 24 hours a day for emergencies at 804-489-2863.