Upgrades You Can Make in Your Plumbing to Save Water, Power and Money

December 8, 2020
Plumbing Upgrades to Save Water

Homeowners often have several reasons for wanting to reduce water use. Some people are keen on protecting the environment and our natural resources. Others want to save money on utility bills. With the right plumbing upgrades, you can save money and reduce your power use to help the environment and save you money. Here are five upgrades our team at American Service Company RVA recommends to reduce home energy costs and save valuable resources.

Low flow toilets cut down on wasted water

The popular home improvement show, HGTV, tells viewers in an online article that using a low-flow toilet can save people up to 100 dollars each year. While many of these systems use an electric pump to assist the gravity flow, homeowners still save money because of how much less water they are using. These systems can reduce water usage from around seven gallons a flush to one and a half or two gallons. This reduction in water is a huge saving that more than makes up for the additional electric use.

Shower heads that reduce water flow

Another way to cut back on water usage is by reducing water flow in the shower. Energy.gov says homeowners can save up to 60 percent of the water they use in the shower with a low flow showerhead. The best part is the cost for these items is usually about $20.

How do you know if your showerhead is using too much water? One way to test the flow of water through your showerhead is by using a bucket.

You need to mark the one-gallon mark on the container first. Then, use a ladder or hold the bucket under the showerhead. Turn on the water like you would when showering. Count the number of seconds it takes for the water to reach the mark. If the water does not take over 20 seconds to reach the one-gallon line, then you could save money with a low flow showerhead.

Converting a gas water tank to a tankless water heater

The U.S. Government says that heating water is the second most costly thing in home energy use. People spend nearly 20 percent of the cost of utilities per month when washing dishes, laundering, and showering. Cutting down how much it costs to heat your water will save you money now and keep saving you for years. Consumer Reports says this switch will net you 100 dollars over the next 12 months.

The best time to plan this change is when your old water heater needs changing. Our home heating specialists can help you determine how long your tanked water heater will last. You can budget the money for the switch and schedule a time for the upgrade when it is most convenient for you and your family.

Going with a heat pump water heater instead of an electric one is more efficient

To save a massive amount of your water heating costs, homeowners with electric water heaters will benefit from upgrading to a heat pump system. These units use up to three times less energy than traditional water heaters. There are four things you should think about when selecting the right heat pump water heater.

  • Total cost
  • Size
  • Fuel needs and access
  • Energy rating

Regular maintenance prevents emergencies and keeps plumbing operating in top shape

One of the best ways to save money and extend the life of your home plumbing systems is by getting regular checkups. Preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars as a lifelong homeowner. The small fee for regular checks and repairs will prevent costly breakdowns. No one wants to be in the cold when the snow is flying. Preventing emergency plumbing or electrical issues is easiest when you opt for annual inspections from your trusted home HVAC specialist.

Other helpful tips for additional savings

Using energy-efficient appliances will make it easier to cut water use in your home. Dishwashers with high Energy Star ratings are best. Updating your clothes washer to a high-efficiency model uses less water. Going with a front-loading washer will save you the most money. You can purchase low flow faucets for your kitchen and bathroom sinks that will add to your water savings.

By combining many of these upgrades, you can increase your utility and water savings significantly. You can feel good knowing you are using less energy and saving money at the same time.

Whether you need to schedule your maintenance inspection, or you want to upgrade your home systems, let us offer you exceptional quality and service at an affordable price. Our specialists will look for leaks, cracks, worn items, clogs, and more to ensure your systems run the most efficiently. We can tell you when you need a new water heater or how to get the most savings with your budget and home system. Contact American Service Company RVA at 804-739-4094.