Why is my toilet moving? Plumbing issues that can mean bigger problems #4

September 23, 2021
Why is My Toilet Moving and Wobbling?

When you sit down to use your toilet in the bathroom of your home, you usually don’t expect physical movement from the toilet. After all, toilets tend to be very solidly installed where they are located. If you’re noticing that your toilet is rocking a bit, you’ll want to have the issue checked out by a professional like American Service Company. It’s likely that you’re not going to get hurt, but you want to make sure that your wiggly toilet isn’t going to cause problems with leaks.

Toilet Flange Issues

Your toilet is attached to the floor of your bathroom by much more than just a few nuts or bolts. While hardware is used for security, this hardware is then attached to a toilet flange. This flange is actually a big ring that is made of either plastic or metal. The flange is securely fastened to the floor and the drain pipe, which provides a very secure base for your toilet. You can try tightening the hardware to see if that fixes the movement. If not, there may be a problem with the flange. The most common issue that occurs here is the holes on your flange that your toilet adheres to are no longer providing a secure fit. You’ll need to replace the holes or the flange in order to pair the hardware and the flange again.

A Broken Bolt

If it’s determined that the flange is still secure and in place, the next step would be to see if one of the bolts that’s holding the toilet in place is no longer working properly. Perhaps that bolt has become stripped, or it may have been damaged during installation of the toilet. The bolt can easily be replaced to repair the issue. All of the bolts may simply need to be tightened.

Problems with the Install

If you have recently had a new toilet installed or your toilet has always wiggled, something may not have gone right with the installation of the toilet. Something may be wedged under the toilet that is preventing the toilet from sitting level on the floor. The flange may not have been installed properly. There may be flooring underneath part of the toilet that is causing it to shift when weight is applied. In this case, a technician from American Service Company would have to lift the toilet and inspect underneath it to see what’s going on.

Looking for a Leak

If your toilet has had a slow leak for some time now and you weren’t aware of it, the floor underneath the toilet may be damaged. If the wood or flooring material has swelled, this would result in the floor no longer being level. The toilet itself may still be in good shape, but the leak is going to need to be addressed. You may also have to replace flooring materials before the toilet can be adhered back down to the floor. A leak is a major issue that can cause a lot of damage. It’s important to have your plumbing looked at anytime that you suspect a breach.

Toilets can develop cracks over time, despite the fact that they are made from very strong porcelain. Settling, frequent use and age can all lead to a small crack forming somewhere on the toilet. The problem might not be immediately visible, which is why a leak can sometimes cause quite a bit of damage before you notice it. Check the toilet for cracks or moisture accumulation around it. If you can’t find anything, don’t disregard this potential issue. There could be a crack underneath the toilet that is causing a leak when you flush. Epoxy can be used to repair a small crack on your toilet. If you have a crack that is compromising the structural integrity of your toilet, then it might be time to think about having a new toilet installed in your bathroom.

It’s optimal to have a professional look at your loose toilet as soon as you notice a problem. American Service Company can determine what the issue is, fix the issue, and also make sure there isn’t any damage that has taken place because of the movement. A toilet is a large item in your home, and it’s not easy to maneuver it. Contact us today for more information on this issue or to schedule an appointment so one of our team members can assist. Call us at 804-739-4094 or Send Us a Message.